small Nuke Python Tool – Master Switch v01 – Render Different Contents




This is a tool that I create for our current project, which has different language versions.
For example, if each spot has 10 shots and 4 language, there will be 40 nuke scripts you need to handle.
If you know python for nuke, then you’ll need to set before-render-python to each write-nodes, there will be 40 write-nodes that you need to set code.
Or you can create user knobs in Nuke, and go through every script.
Therefore, for saving time purpose, I spent a lot of time to create this tool, if you like it, say thank in this post.
Anyway, this is a free tool for saving your time.

Nuke only support one write node with before-render-python per render.
If you render all of them at the same time in Nuke, the results will not be what you expect.
If your company has render-farm, some submitter can split your write nodes into individual, then it will work, such as Royal render.


small Nuke Python Tool – Master Switch v01 – Render Different Contents

Download here:>>


How to use:>>

1.goto your User .nuke folder, and put download file here (if you don’t have it, create a txt file, rename to
3.add this two line

import masterSwitch 'Nuke' ).addCommand( 'Custom/Master Switch', "masterSwitch.masterrun()" )

‘Custom/Master Switch’ (Menu name, you can change)



Warning note:>>

This is designed for preventing user just copy node from other script, instead actually clone the switch.
If this message pop out, please check these similar name if use in your nuke script.

This is designed for checking all inputs of Master_Switch and all clones in nuke script to check if all match or not.


If you see this pop out, then your script must be really…..messy.



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